Rotterdam Matchsticks

Rotterdam Matchsticks inspired from silhouettes of iconic buildings that were bombarded and destroyed on May 14, 1940 during the bombing of Rotterdam. Design inspiration found in old city maps, and by using these maps finding and visiting the historical places. It gave the idea to tell a story about this finding.

Iconic Buildings

Three most iconic buildings were chosen: legendary Station Hoflein by architect Jacob us Pieter Stok, Delftse Port by architect Pieter de Swart and old City Hall buildings all destroyed due to bombing in Rotterdam on May 14, 1940.

Graphic Design

The graphic design project started wih renewing the old Rotterdam map illustrations and placing them onto the package design. Next step was to use wooden sheet and by laser cutting the iconic building shapes were made and transferred into the matches containing each of the package.

Old and New

The matchsticks are the bridge between the old, long gone city mood and the new vibrant architecture monuments. Each package contains a small story about the building marked in the map illustration on package as well as explanation about the new iconic buildings taking place. With each match burned the old city map building fades away but the story and the image of the current architecture stays and the story had been told.